Routine & Scheduled Maintenance

Your vehicle is not just a mode of transportation, not simply a means to get from A to B. It’s a statement of your personality, it’s a point of personal pride, and it’s a financial investment. 

Your investment needs to be protected, with care and attention, and regularly scheduled maintenance. Regular check ups, tune ups, and preventative care are necessary to keep your vehicle running smoothly, reliably, and for years to come.

Our team of certified automotive mechanics can recommend a care and maintenance schedule that is sure to keep your vehicle running flawlessly, helping you to avoid unexpected breakdowns and headaches.

All our regular maintenance plans are designed to be convenient and comprehensive. When you choose Alderwood Mobile Mechanic for your regular automotive maintenance in Lynnwood, Bothell, Edmonds, or Mountlake Terrace, you can enjoy the benefits of regular maintenance without the hassle of having to bring your vehicle into a traditional auto repair garage.

A Few Of Our Regular Maintenance Services:

  1. Oil Change & Filter Replacement: Clean and fresh motor oil is essential to the smooth operation of any internal combustion engine. Neglect of this basic maintenance task can be absolutely catastrophic, so it’s critical to ensure that your oil changes are up to date. Get on our calendar for regularly scheduled oil changes so you never even have to think about it!
  2. Fluid Check & Top-Off: Aside from oil, we’ll inspect and replenish your vehicle’s essential fluids. Some of these include brake, transmission, and radiator fluid. Ensuring that these fluids are clean and topped up is an excellent way to keep your vehicle operating optimally.
  3. Tire Rotation: Uneven wear on your tires can adversely affect handling as well as decrease fuel economy. This can be easily prevented by rotating the tires at regularly scheduled intervals. Additionally, proper tire rotation will prolong the life of your tires.
  4. Brake InspectionWe’ll always take the time to visually inspect your brakes at the time of your regular maintenance appointments, ensuring your safety out on the roads. If warranted, we can change your pads and perform a brake fluid flush.
  5. Replace Air Filter: Ensuring that your air filter is clean is a great way to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy and overall performance. We’ll always inspect your air filter during your regularly scheduled maintenance appointments to see if it is dirty and needs to be replaced.
  6. Tune Up: In addition to some of the items mentioned, a tune up should be performed periodically to replace spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel filter and oxygen sensors. At this time we may also suggest a flush of fluid lines, such as brake, transmission, and radiator fluids. If applicable, this may also be a good time to clean the throttle body and set the ignition timing.
  7. Updates Maintenance Logs: We’ll always keep a detailed record of maintenance that we do on your vehicles, helping you to keep track of your vehicles history as well as stay on top of future appointments.