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About Alderwood Mobile Mechanic

ASE Certified Mechanics That Come To You!

We are proud to be your friendly trusted neighborhood mobile mechanic service ready to serve the automotive repair and maintenance needs of customers in Lynwood, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, and Shoreline! Our team ofr mechanics have the skills and experience to keep all your vehicles running safely and smoothly while out on the road in the North Puget Sound.

We understand that you depend on your vehicle to take you wherever you want to go in life. That’s why we’re committed to offering a fast, reliable and convenient service that comes direct to you. We are happy to service your vehicle at your home, the workplace, or even, if necessary, on the side of the road! 

Alderwood Mobile Mechanic pairs expertise and convenience together with excellent customer service in order to bring you a hassle free automotive repair and maintenance service.

Some of Our


All our service are mobile, that means we come to you!

Automotive Diagnostics

Our mobile auto repair technicians can easily find the issue affecting your vehicle and make repair recommendations for your consideration.

Emergency Service

We offer around the clock emergency service. That means we can repair your vehicle any time, any place, to get you back on the roads quickly.

Routine Maintenance

We are happy to help you with any routine or recommended scheduled maintenance. That means oil changes, tune ups, and tire rotations.

Check Engine Light Service

Is your check engine light on? Let our certified mechanics run computer diagnostics on your vehicle to zero in on the problem.

Mobile Oil Change Service

Don't let lack of time or know how be an excuse for neglecting this essential maintenance task. Our mobile oil change service comes to you!

Mobile Brake Service

Brakes are a critical component of your vehicle. Get that those squeaky brake pads replaced and restore optimal performance to your braking system.

Why Choose us?

These days, as a consumer, you have virtually unlimited choices at your fingertips. And the case is no different when it comes to automotive repair in Lynnwood and Snohomish County. That’s why we make it our mission to stand out with unparalleled customer service, amazing value, and an unwavering commitment to customer safety. 

Quality You Can Trust

We don't just make it our priority to provide top quality work, we also only use the best possible parts, oils and fluids. Because a job is only as good as the sum of its parts. Your vehicle deserves the absolute best, and you can trust us to deliver exactly that.

Convenience At Your Call

We understand that all our customers have a busy life. That's why we aim to make our mechanic services hassle free by bringing them directly to your doorstep. No need to fuss with bringing your vehicle to a tradional mechanic's garage. We take the headache out of scheduling your automotive service.

Certified Espertise

Our team is comprised of ASE certified mechanics that are passionate about automotive safety and repair. We have years of hands on experience under our belts, and we have the expertise and know-how to handle any job, big or small.

Transparent Pricing

We are always happy to offer you a free, no-obligation quote over the phone, as well as a written estimate upon request before beginning any work. We believe in honesty and transparency and we always strive to provide pricing that is competitive and straightforward. You'll never find a hidden fee on any of our invoices, so you always know exactly what you're paying for.

A Large Variety Of

Mobile Auto Repair Services

The Best Mobile Mechanic In Lynnwood & Snohomish County.

When you are having mechanical issues with your vehicle, your need for a fast repair can sometimes be dire. The situation becomes even more complicated if your vehicle is no longer safe to move. It used to be that the only option in this case was to get your vehicle towed to the nearest shop and put yourself at their mercy.

Luckily, with our mobile mechanic service, you no longer need to waste your money on a tow truck or submit yourself to whatever repair shop happens to be closest. When you’re in need of an experienced mechanic, there is no one more trusted or reliable than Alderwood Mobile Mechanics. We service all of Snohomish County, including Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mounlake Terrace, Everett, and Bothell.

Our highly trained and expertly skilled mechanics provide unmatched service. Our aim is to always be fast and thorough. Regardless of your vehicle’s age, make, model, or country of origin, you can take comfort in knowing that we have what it takes to keep it running reliably, and at an affordable price. We are confident that we will provide a mobile automotive repair service that exceeds your expectations.

We can handle routine maintenance as well as the most complicated of repairs on your time and at your convenience. We are happy to work on your vehicle in your driveway, in your garage, or on the side of the road.  If you find yourself in need of convenient and efficient car care services, don’t hesitate to call Alderwood Mobile Mechanic!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Mobile Mechanic Service?

Maybe you’ve never heard of a mobile mechanic before and you’re hesitant about using our service. Or maybe you’ve been going to the same brick and mortar auto repair shop for years and you don’t see any reason you should switch to a mobile service. That’s OK. But you should be aware that there are numerous reasons why a mobile mechanic service is just plain better. Two of the biggest reasons are related to convenice and overall value.

Better Value

One of the most important reasons to switch to a mobile mechanic service over your neighborhood auto repair garage is simply the price. You see, mobile mechanics don't have as many bills to pay. Since our service is entirely mobile, we don't need to fool around with rent and utility bills. That means we can pass the savings of having a lower overhead onto our customers in the form of lower repair costs!


You see, time is money. And when you are encumbered with the monumental task of organizing time and transport to get your vehicle down to a traditional repair shop, you're losing money (in the form of opportunity cost). Our mobile service comes direct to you, so by choosing a mobile mechanic service, you can save time and money.